Haven`t been here a lot lately ... or not at all. The reason is simple - I work every day all day. And believe it or not ... I`m still unimployed. Funny ... :)

Anyway, I went to E`s cousin`s wedding this saturday. It was a lot of fun. And of course I had to make new dress. Didn`t make any good photos yet. :) So you can`t see it. BUT I have something else ... Pics of my sewing corner.

So, here it is:

And a few of Burdas we have at home ... we have some really old Burdas from 1970. :) Lovely!

Putting pattern onto fabric.

This is the fabric I used for dress to go to this saturdays wedding.

And before I forget E`s brother got married in july ... pics of that dress are comming too. That was one hot wedding!



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I was completely lost this week ... could not get any inspiration for this week topic COCOON. But I did manage to draw this (totally absent-minded) for illustration friday. Don`t judge too hard ... or maybe you should. It might wake me up from this laziness. :)

Here it is:
LOST BUTTERFLY AND TWO COCOONS ... (Dunno where that came from:))

I did play in photoshop a bit.

Now comment away ... :)



As you can see some changes has been made ... I thought it`s time to do something with the look of my bloog. To all of those who loved the way it looked before ... I`m truly sorry. But I think you can get used to this look to.

So, question this week is: What do you think about the new look? :)

And then again ... that illustration friday. Friday came along again last week ... as always. Key word this week was AHEAD. And first thing that popped into my mind was:


Well, one can easily miss a sailboat in a fogg ... :) Anyway, drawn by hand on paper; scaned; coloured in photoshop; fogged in photoshop (adding noise).

Any comments welcomed ...


Očistimo Slovenijo

Today it was all-slovenian action - Let`s clean Slovenia in one day! It was formed after this Estonian action. So everywhere people were getting together and everything was cleaned. Even in our small town about 50 people went on a mission. :) We were picking trash from 9am till 2pm today. You wouldn`t believe what kind of stuff people throw away ... goooosh!! Anyway, we did a good job I think.

I took some photos with my phone.

This was the final garbage pile ...

And we saw new fashion of recyclyng plastic ... Cuuute (I mean eggs and not the garbage part of the nest ... :))

Bye for now ... tired ...


Illustration friday - DETECTIVE

Another week has gone by ... and this fridays topic is detective. I thought of Poirot imediatly. So ... my illo for illustration friday ...

I think it does look a bit like Poirot ... maybe when he was younger. :D Ha ha ... What do you think?


Illo - friday

It`s almost friday ... :D I had absolutely no time this week ... until now. So here is my illo for this week. I think is`s some kind of kids art ... sort of. :D Mr. Photoshop hellped me with coloring. I`ll work harder next week ... I promise!

Topic for this illustration friday was ~linked~

So I`ll just leave it to you now ... :D


Illustration friday - dip

Another illustration friday ... You just have to love fridays! :D I know I do. Anyway, this weeks topic was DIP.


This is my girl (maybe my alter ego :)) dipping into a book ... When I scaned it it was a bit colourless ...

So once again I played a bit in photoshop with contrast. I must say that my favourite is the last one. With strong contrast ... just like me. Ha ha!

Have fun ... and remember - my blog loves comments ... :D


Randi @ Fresh Squeezed Fabrics (Etsy) is having a 20% off sale. AND a great give away ... So hurry all right there and buy some stuff ... :D Or try to win some.

She has some absolutely great things in her shop. Wich you can find here. And you can read her blog here.

I`m going there to win something too ... better hurry ... :D


I have new treasury on Etsy. You can see it HERE. I found some great things. All just perfect for this spring. :D

An inspiration indeed!
Enjoy ...


Illustration friday - having fun

I was really having fun today with my illustration. "Rescue" is a great topic! As most of the times I used colored penciles - don`t you just love them. I have tons of it and I`m still buying it. :D

So, here it is ... my firefighter going to rescue somebody from fire ...

And, since I had time and will I was playing a bit in Photoshop. I was actually just adding contrast to my illustration. :D

Let me know what you think. :D
Bye bye


It`s a true story ...

I went to the supermarket today and the refrigerator there wanted to eat me. It was making weird noises. I got really scared. :D But anyway I got out alive and there is something else I wanted to show you. I bought some felt this monday and I am up and working hard. So there will be some new stuf in my etsy store. And just to lure you in:

So, how do you like that? :D



Finally had time to illustrate some more ... This is for ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY. Theme - expired.

Making a nest ...

Since me and E started making an apartment in the attic of my parents house I can`t really think on anything else ... Everything I see mesures throug "how it would look in our apartment." I made floor plan, E and my dad took care of the technical stuff. So apartment is under construction right now. We have BIG plans ... hope we can make it. Anyway ... I was snooping through the internet one day and I came across this great blog ... My scandinavian retreat ... We love every single picture in this blog. And we would like to have a cabin just like those in it ... on lets say - Norwegian coast ... Ha ha. But we will be satisfied with a scandinavian look of our apartment - hopefuly. :D Well, on the sam blog I found this great program. I was never pleased with all those fancy programs where you can draw a floor plan in 3D. But this one is really close to what I wish in a program. So if you need to make a plan ... here it is: VISENO.

Comming up ... pictures before and after ... and hopefuly some sewing ... :D