And she drives a red beauty ...

Anybody who knows me knows that I absolutely adore my car (although it`s giving me a hard time lately). Anyway ... this is my Peugeot 206 called PABLO. :)

I`m always trying to make it look beautiful. And one day I got a great idea. First I printed out picture - only outline. For me it was a lion - of course. :)
Next you need a sheet of felts (I think is woolen). But not the soft one. It must be hard. And then you pin printed picture on this sheet of felts. You can use normal paper clips or anything else that will hold this two sheets together.
Then you will need a tapestry knife (I don`t really know the name of the knife. Just check the picture. :)). With this knife you cut out the picture. You should make sure that everything is in one piece because we won`t use glue.
When you cut it out is should look like this.
Then you just put it on the back shelf of your car. It is also dressed in a material like felts. And this materials stick together realy great. You put it on a shelf and it will stay there. It won`t move. :) It`s a great decoration. So now my back shelf looks like this (so girlish ... :)):


A new beginning

Until now I was writting about my old project. Now it`s time for a fresh start. :) I went to the "big city" few days ago. I had some free time and I wanted to buy some fabrics at a store that I didn`t go to for a long time. I had a bit of a shock. They shut it down a while ago. :(

This was it. It does look very old and I guess it was time that they shut it down.
Luckily I discovered a great new fabric store. I`m sure I`m gonna visit it every time I`m gonna go to Ljubljana if I will only have time. I bought some fabric. It was hard to decide. At the end I tryed hard and I only bought four different fabrics (well five, but one was for my sister). :)
So right now I have quite a stock at home. I have this pile of fabrics. Plus all the leftovers that aren`t really small. :) I have to do one more thing for my study and then I`m gonna be sewing for at least two weeks. :) He he I`m doing plans already... that green material with hearts will be a skirt. Both red materials will be skirts. One shirt, one dress and maybe a blazer or two. WAHOOO!!

Friends wedding in start of september

(I got a bit artistic. :) )

My friend was getting married in start of september. And of course I had nothing to wear. I couldn`t find anything to buy. Dresses never fits me. So I did what I normally do. I sewed myself a party dres.

When I was looking for pattern I went through a billion of Burdas. And I finally found a Toni Gard dress in Burda 5/2008 (pattern no. 127)
Finding the right fabric was very tough. But I did eventually find perfect fabric. With flowers and strawberries. So cute. :)
I didn`t like the shawl much so I made it without it. Instead of that I put small belts on shoulders. So that fabrics stayed folded.
I also changed the neckline, because the dres was otherwise too open. Not really apropriate for going to church. :)
I still thought that the dres was boring. So I made belt that goes with it. I used red ropes to fasten it. I think it looks quite good. Very "reduced" obi belt. :)
What I like the most about this dress is swinging skirt. It`s great for dancing. And the dress was quite a succes. All my friends said I did a great job. So naturally I felt Goooooood.

And this is us, right before we left for wedding. Dont we look smart? ;)
The white fabric with flowers and strawberries is some synthetic material I think. The red one is silk. I used some red ropes too.
Pattern is, as I have already written, from Burda modemagazin.

Spring jacket in fall

I wanted to make this jacket for spring 2008 ... but I had some problems with collar. I didn`t feel like dealing with it at that time so I left it for better times. Well, better times had come in start of september. I finally finished my jacket that suddenly became fall jacket instead of spring jacket.
The collar is a bit improvised, but it looks ok like this too.
If you didn`t already notice ... I used green ribbon to hem the pockets (like I did at playground jeans).

And one more obvious thing. I used the same green tartan cotton, for the inside part of jacket, as I did for playground jeans.
I only used two wooden buttons. It`s more playful like this. Open half way and green tartan looking out. :)

Material I used was green boucle, green tartan cotton, some green ribbon and two wooden buttons.
I used pattern from Burda modemagazin 2/2008. Pattern no. 104. It`s the bright yellow jacket on the cover of the magazin.


My sisters B-day

Summer was starting and my sisters birthday was comming up. She is working at home. Always in fron of PC. So I wanted to make her something nice, comfortable to wear while working. I found great pattern od Burda style site called ESTHER. And then I bought two different elastic cottons. One all blue and one blue with pink print on it.
I cut out all the pieces twice. Once from blue fabric and once from blue-pink fabric. And then I started sewind two esthers. When I finished that I just put them together and made one esther out of it. It`s a great thing. Now she can wear it on both sides. Only blue or blue - pink.
There are some more pictures of blue-pink side HERE.

It`s a very easy pattern. Although it did get a bit complicated when I was putting two pieces together. But nothing I couldn`t handle. And I`m not really an expert. :)

Playground jeans

I hate pants shopping. I hate trying them on. You have to undress ... and dress ... and again undress ... Arrgghhh ... So very anoying. So one day I discovered I was out of jeans. PANIC! What to wear. I rushed into our local fabrics store and I bought some elastic jeans material. And right there ~BAM~ I got an idea. I saw this cute green tartan cotton and I decided to use that on my jeans.

I always wear jeans on high heels and on flats. So I want my jeans to be flexible. This was a problem I solved quickly. I just made them longer. But ... what to do, to make them special? :) I used that cute green tartan cotton on the inside hem. So when I wear flats that green tartan shines out. :) I love it.

I did the same at waist hem just for fun. Because I like the way men trousers look like. They always have something like that on waist hem.

I also used some ribbon leftovers. It was coincidentaly green :). I used it to hem pockets and to make belt loops.

So all in all it was quite a lot of work. But it was worth it. They look great. Using contrastnig color was a great idea (sometimes I get those too).

Pattern was again from Burda modemagazin. Although I changed it totaly. I only used it for basic.

Quite orange

Project shirt that started out good and - how strange - ended good too. I might be making shirts again soon just because this one came out OK. I`m kind of scared of making shirts. Why? I always have problems with collar. And I won`t even mention the problems I have with buttonholes.
Anyway, I was brave enough to strat this one. And now I`m glad that I was. Although I made it just a bit too short. Next time I`m gonna make it longer.
I got the pattern from Burda modemagazin from june 2007. This great orange material I bought in a local fabrics shop. It`s an elastic cotton. I like elastic materila because clothes are more flexible that way. I also bought buttons at a local shop. They are the same color as print on the fabric.

Buttonholes are not exactly the way they should be. I`m gonna have to try harder next time. :)

Big adventures starts with timberland

Again I couldn`t resist buying RED fabric. It is a timberland fabric with little shoe prints on and stuf like that. So cute I had to have it.
Then I found a pattern in Burda modemagazin - again. :) It`s a top with a zipper. And this is a project that goes side by side with the instructions. I was quite proud when I made it.

Blue striped top is original from Burda. Mine is the red one. They are quite similar aren`t they. Although the red fabric was a bit elastic. I was affraid that it wouldn`t come out as nice as the non-elastic original. But I guess I was wrong. :)


Still my old projects

Top and tunic. I got patterns for both in Burda modemagazin. Nothing special about this two. :) They are very comfortable. And that is it.

And then one day I was bored ...

I had nothing to do and I didn`t feel like studying (I never do). So I had this leftovers from my anda dres. And I said "Well, why not ... Let`s make something." :) Again on Burda style web page I saw this wristlets. What a great page this is. You can really find inspiration there. Well, I liked the wristlets and I wanted one of my own. I found a link to the pattern and tutorial. And that is one good blog to read. I recomend it to everybody.

I had fabrics, pattern and time. And this is what came out.