Big belly getting in the way ... :)

All I`m wearing lately are strechy skirts ... :) My belly is getting bigger every week. And then came the problem ... a vocal group I`m in got to have a Christmas performance for association for people with coeliac disease. And we usualy perform on this tipe of events in jeans, black top and some matching jewelry. A girl from the group even made us a red Christmas necklaces. :) And I had no jeans ... and no jeans skirt that would fit me now. I had to make something up in a few days so I searched the web a bit and I found this blog by Jill ... Buuuuuut I had no jeans to refashion. I found a solution here! :) First thing next day I went to a store nearby and I bought a cheap jeans skirt (I think it was around 12 euros ... nice huh?). And in one day I had a new skirt for our performance. 

yaaay to me ... :) I think I did quite a good job. This skirt is so comfy that I would wear it all the time. :) And it looks really good.


Biscuts for St. Nicolaus

I`ve been bussy lately ... made some biscuts for friends. :) Halfmoons that taste like oranges and sugar ... mmmm :) I made three big plates of biscutes and they all went in one day. :) I guess they were good ... ? XD


Pillow ... :)

My Xmas tree ornaments are "under construction" ... :) I think it will look nice at the end ... maybe some pictures next time. I always write blog at work and I have no pics here. :( Anyway, sice my belly is getting biger and biger every day (due to my 5 month pregnancy :) yaaay!) even sleep is not easy anymore ... add work from 9am to 6pm and you get one cranky gal ... And to make things better I got this really gooooood theraline pillow for St.Nicolaus day ... Thaaaank youuuu ... My nights are going to be better from now on. :D