A very short post ... just to let you know that I`m still here ... still fighting!

It was a tough month ... I`m glad it`s ending. I hope for good news tomorrow, cause I`m sick of bad ones. I needed sth to to do, to make my mind not to think the same thing over and over again. It was sheer luck that a friend of mine asked me if I could make him a tie ... oh, can I ... :) I just finished it. It still needs to be ironed (Anyone offers a hand?) so pictures next time. Hopefully next to pics of my new dress for a friends wedding (oh, I do hope I will be able to attend).


Neighbourhood walk around the world - Slovenia

My turn for a neighbourhood walk ... welcome to Slovenia! To a little village called Slap ob Idrijci. I hope you will enjoy this walk with me.

1. POST BOX - This is our post box ... it is really small. :) We do have the big ones too, but just not in our village.

 2. LOCAL STORE - Our local store called Mercator. On the left you can see another red sign - it`s for restaurant.

 3. MANHOLE COVER - Very plane and boring ... I wish we would have manhole covers like in Japan ... I adore them. :)
4. PLAY/PARK AREA - We don`t really have a children`s park or play area in our village. They do have that in bigger places. But what we have is a beautiful natural bathing place. We have a great river called Idrijca which is great in summer month. You can really cool down in it. :)

5. STREET - This is our main street - not much to see. :) Houses are placed quite apart so it is not really a typical street. :)

6. LOCAL FORM OF TRANSPORT - Here you can see another view of the street. Car is most comonly used. We have busses too, but not a lot of people use them. Everybody has a car - it is not environmentaly friendly, but it is a necessery evil since we need to go to work and busses never drive at hours you need them. :)

My bonus pictures:

7.  Old HAY BARN with TRACTOR. :) I love this big old buildings.

 8. OLD HOUSE - half fallen apart. I guess I like taking pictures of old things. :) This one is quite old ... you can see the number 1913 written over the door.
 9. PATHWAY besides the forest. Really nice. I go there quite often. It leads to a house - birth place of very famous Slovenian writter CIRIL KOSMAČ.

 10. RIVER IDRIJCA and a small dam on the river. This is the view up the vally.

 11. BUS STATION. No need to explain. :)

12. The last one is SIGN for a SCHOOL WAY/PATH that alerts all the drivers that there might be children on the road.

I hope you enjoyed our little walk around my neighbourhood. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. My blog loves comments.

You might wanna check my older posts for more pictures ... like this one of a frozen river (it doesn`t happen often). Or our cleaning action. Or maybe the most beautifull, the lake nearby (5km away from here).

Oh, and since we were on short vacation ... I took picture of the big post box. :) Here it is: 

So this is it ... tomorrow is Scotland time ... I can hardly wait for that. We would like to go there sometime ... but there is never enough time or enough money. :) Maybe someday ... but at least tomorrow on a neighbourhood walk with Clair.

Absolutely a big thanks to Jo for having great ideas! :)
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Bye bye ... :)