Randi @ Fresh Squeezed Fabrics (Etsy) is having a 20% off sale. AND a great give away ... So hurry all right there and buy some stuff ... :D Or try to win some.

She has some absolutely great things in her shop. Wich you can find here. And you can read her blog here.

I`m going there to win something too ... better hurry ... :D


I have new treasury on Etsy. You can see it HERE. I found some great things. All just perfect for this spring. :D

An inspiration indeed!
Enjoy ...


Illustration friday - having fun

I was really having fun today with my illustration. "Rescue" is a great topic! As most of the times I used colored penciles - don`t you just love them. I have tons of it and I`m still buying it. :D

So, here it is ... my firefighter going to rescue somebody from fire ...

And, since I had time and will I was playing a bit in Photoshop. I was actually just adding contrast to my illustration. :D

Let me know what you think. :D
Bye bye


It`s a true story ...

I went to the supermarket today and the refrigerator there wanted to eat me. It was making weird noises. I got really scared. :D But anyway I got out alive and there is something else I wanted to show you. I bought some felt this monday and I am up and working hard. So there will be some new stuf in my etsy store. And just to lure you in:

So, how do you like that? :D



Finally had time to illustrate some more ... This is for ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY. Theme - expired.

Making a nest ...

Since me and E started making an apartment in the attic of my parents house I can`t really think on anything else ... Everything I see mesures throug "how it would look in our apartment." I made floor plan, E and my dad took care of the technical stuff. So apartment is under construction right now. We have BIG plans ... hope we can make it. Anyway ... I was snooping through the internet one day and I came across this great blog ... My scandinavian retreat ... We love every single picture in this blog. And we would like to have a cabin just like those in it ... on lets say - Norwegian coast ... Ha ha. But we will be satisfied with a scandinavian look of our apartment - hopefuly. :D Well, on the sam blog I found this great program. I was never pleased with all those fancy programs where you can draw a floor plan in 3D. But this one is really close to what I wish in a program. So if you need to make a plan ... here it is: VISENO.

Comming up ... pictures before and after ... and hopefuly some sewing ... :D