Big belly getting in the way ... :)

All I`m wearing lately are strechy skirts ... :) My belly is getting bigger every week. And then came the problem ... a vocal group I`m in got to have a Christmas performance for association for people with coeliac disease. And we usualy perform on this tipe of events in jeans, black top and some matching jewelry. A girl from the group even made us a red Christmas necklaces. :) And I had no jeans ... and no jeans skirt that would fit me now. I had to make something up in a few days so I searched the web a bit and I found this blog by Jill ... Buuuuuut I had no jeans to refashion. I found a solution here! :) First thing next day I went to a store nearby and I bought a cheap jeans skirt (I think it was around 12 euros ... nice huh?). And in one day I had a new skirt for our performance. 

yaaay to me ... :) I think I did quite a good job. This skirt is so comfy that I would wear it all the time. :) And it looks really good.


Biscuts for St. Nicolaus

I`ve been bussy lately ... made some biscuts for friends. :) Halfmoons that taste like oranges and sugar ... mmmm :) I made three big plates of biscutes and they all went in one day. :) I guess they were good ... ? XD


Pillow ... :)

My Xmas tree ornaments are "under construction" ... :) I think it will look nice at the end ... maybe some pictures next time. I always write blog at work and I have no pics here. :( Anyway, sice my belly is getting biger and biger every day (due to my 5 month pregnancy :) yaaay!) even sleep is not easy anymore ... add work from 9am to 6pm and you get one cranky gal ... And to make things better I got this really gooooood theraline pillow for St.Nicolaus day ... Thaaaank youuuu ... My nights are going to be better from now on. :D



Back and better ... :)

Hello ... I`m back. :) After a rough time in our lives it`s time to put this blog back to life ... And since that time of year is comming why not with christmas project ... :) This year I decided to make tree ornaments (I did them last year too ... from cardboard). I orderd two different fabrics from svetmetraže. This is my favourite fabric shop in Slovenia (and probably the only one where you can order fabric online around here ... :)). So, this was my choice ... 


My plan is to make small heart shaped pillows filled with soft filling and some lavender. I already made two of them yesterday (no photos yet ... sorry) whinch is actually quite good regarding my work schedule ... :)

More to come ... pics too ... :) Oh, and it`s good to be back ... :)


no time - all the time

Today I went to the doctors and I took a book with me ... I always wait there for sooooo long. And today, when I finally took a book with me to read, I was called in 5 minutes after I arrived. I only had time to read one whole poem. But it was a good one. :) 

Anyway ... besides a good poem it was good news too. So after bad/hard/ugly/depressed/totaly down (choose or add bad adjective yourself) two month I`m finally on the right track again. Yeeeey! This calls for a celebration ... something like going to the seaside in september. That would be great ... to relax and to delet this two month from our minds. And hopefully there will be a job waiting for me in the start of october ... maybe things will get better ... 

... I think it`s time that they do. :)


Sweet addiction ....

Thanks to my sister I`m now addicted to this ... It is just sooooooo goood. Thank you sis for the  six sister`s recipie ... :) Yummmmmmmy

It`s all just plate and crumbs now ...


It`s a tie ...

I owe you pics of the tie that I made for my friend. His GF had a dress made out of silk and they couldn`t find a tie that would go with it. :) That is where I stepped in ... He asked me if I could make it. I had this pattern  from Georgia Solorzano for a long time and I was just waiting for the opportunity to show. :) I used her best men`s tie pattern, but I modified it a bit. Her tie was a bit to wide for my taste.

I was also playing with napkins today. :) I made this two little pots for candle lights. Now I just have to wait till it`s dark. :) I used paper napkins, no colour wood lacque and some old jars. Really easy ...

And this is it for today. Have fun, read, comment ...