Me - Smurfette

So, I made my costume a swell ... I only had to make a shirt and a hat. I used old linen for my skirt. And I had a piece of white thermo velour which I used for hat. Don`t I look smart or what! :)

William Wallace - I have Mel Gibson at home ... :)

So here is costum for my E. I used 1.5 m of wool tartan wich was great for sewing. I love it. I made upper part from my mums old leather jacket (with her permission). :)
Upper part is manly sewn by hand (my poore fingers :)). But it was woth it because it looks great.
I made him this thing for hand too ... William Wallace has it too. :)
I didn`t make belt for his sword ... I just made some loops on the back. It works ok. :)
E. loves it ... we`ll see today what will others say. :) I think it looks ok ... But then again I think everything E. wears looks great. =D

What do you think? I would like to read your comments. :)



Pust is a great carnival. And it`s gonny be this weekend. It`s very similar to helloween. It has been years since I was wearing costumes for carnival. Usually kids dress up and go trick-or-treating. :) But where my E. Lives they dress up every year and go around village. So this year even I`m gonna trick-or-treat.

So what am I gonna be?? I`ve been thinking all week. E wants to be William Wallace. :) So I`m making him a costume.
He`s gonny be my own highlander (it is funny, because he lives in some kind of highland. :)).
And me ... I decided to be a Smurfette. :)
And I`m not even blond. :) Anyway ... stay tuned for pictures of our costumes ... made by me (of course). :)