New bag ...

... on Etsy. I made my first green bag. Hopefuly first of many. You can buy it in my Etsy shop. If you have any wishes (colours, pockets ... ) you can just convo me on etsy and we can make a deal. :)


Interview with the ...

... vampire? :) It wasn`t like that. Although lately I am one of those who fell for Edward the vampire (what a coincidence that my B-friend shares the name with him (but luckily not the thirst for blood).

Anyway, this post is all about me being interviewed by Bluejules. Short interview for a coffee break she says. :) You can read it here. Make sure you stop by her blog bluejules sews OR her writing etc. blog soul flowers OR her lovely Etsy shop where she sels some pretty darn great clothes. :)

Thank you for making me your first object of interest. :) It has been great answering your questions.

That`s it for now (since I`m at work ... :)). I`ll be back with more later so come back and check my blog ... Thanx for looking, reading, commenting ...


giveawaaaay ...

I`m always glad to hear this ... :) A great lady with a great style is giving away a GREAT dress ... I love green and I love dresses ... that is good enough reason for me to enter the competition ... Oh, let me have that dress ...

Check out her blog, it`s totaly worht reading it ...



And here it is ...

You can see how I came to this step in my previous post "she thinks she can draw".

I used normal colour penciles and watercolour penciles. I always complicate things so I tryed to make it as simple as possible. With lines and with colours too.

And that`s it. :)


I`ve been drawing again for IF. This weeks theme was germs. Yayks! Anyway this is how my drawing went. I started with a sketch. Oh, did I tell you I absolutely adore Mark Crilley and all his "how to draw" that you can find on youtube ... Thank you B. for lending me your coppy of Miki falls and for showing me the world of Crilley manga drawing. Although I never did like mangas (wich is weird since I`m studying japanese ...) I like his style.
Ok lets go on with MY drawing. :) Sketch. I was cinsidering fifth pannel with only germs drawn in it. But I think it would be too tacky. So I didn`t use it.

I used four pannels with a close up face of a girl sneezing. Step by step.

And finally I went over with black colour pencil and erased all lines that was not supposed to be there. I ended up with this.

The finall coloured result can be seen in my next post.


Joining illustration friday ...

Didn`t have much time lately. I actually went on vacation. Yeeey for me. :) And I`m still looking for a new job. So nothing new really.

I`ve been doing some drawing tho. This is for illustration friday wich I decided to join. I`m always saying how I don`t draw anymore ... now I have an opportunity to draw and share this with you all. :) Beaaaautifull ...

Anyway, this is my illustration on a topic "pattern".

That`s it folks ... :) Pleas drop a line or two ...


Knitting ...

I almost forgot to post my finished knitting project. :) I think that this wool was a bit too soft. But I guess that everything came out ok for my first project. :) Now I just need to find time to knit some more.

(Photos are taken with my mobile phone so they are not really high quality ... :)

I would love to learn how to knit socks. I`m always cold in winter time. :)


Dear blog ...

... I`m sorry I haven`t been posting for so long. :) It has been a while. I`ve been really busy. But now I`m back. I was sewing a dress for a friends wedding. I was choosing a pattern if you remember ... Well, that dress was almost finished when last week I changed my mind. I didn`t like it anymore so this week I made another dress for a wedding that happened yesterday. It was a close call, but I made it!
... pictures ... here ... look ... comment ... please ... :)

First, a decoration: You can find "here" how to make flowers like this.

Next, a dress:

And the best part ... It`s not just one dress it is 2 in 1. :) He he ... I can wear only the red one.

It was a hit of the evening ... again. :) And it was a lovely wedding. We had SUPER FUN. :)


Sewing again ...

I have been busy. For a long time I wanted to make a T-shirt for my boyfriend. And I finally had time for that. I found some great material. Cotton I guess ... in two colours. It`s not really a summer fabric, but it`s ok. I guess he is really hot when he`s wearing it. :) I think it looks really good on him. I used pattern from Burdastyle.

He was so kind and was acting like a model for me to take this pics. :)


birds and bees :)

Oh yes yes ... I`ve been busy like a bee (btw: I know they are busy right now because they are flying all around our house ... ) I made nice romantic blouse. I had a great pattern made by JJ at Burdastyle comunity. Thank you JJ, you are a true inspiration.

Anyway ... some pics of my blouse.

I think it looks quite lovely. :)

Oh ... and I tryed my mums wedding dress the other day. We had a blast! I look like a woman from wild wild west :)

Anyway, my other projects are okey (ummmm ... :)). Kniting is going as expected. I almost finished my pink vest. Just some more rows to go. :) And I almost finished dress I`m gonna wear to a friends wedding in july (hmmmm ... I think you can see I`m unimployed right now. I have too much time. :)).

Come back for more ...


My first knitting project, some more weddings and more ...

Pletenje (knitting) by Wanda Bonando

First is first ... my knitting project (I hope I will finis it before summer will come :)). I was checking out my mum`s old book about knitting and I thought it would be nice to have something new ... made by my mum. :) She didn`t wanna make it so I have to make it myself. :)

I think I`m knitting quite ok ... since I remember my knitting from when I was 15 ... That was NOT a smoothe knitting like it is now. I guess there is the right time and place for everything ... even for knitting. I just started knitting the other day (after a looong time) and it looked quite good. :)

And oh yes, the WEDDINGS ... I guess I can`t get ridd of those. :) All of my friends are getting maried. So, I was thinking red and white (red everywhere I know). I was checking out some old burdas and picked out three dresses. I`m gonna choose one of them when I get the right fabric. It`s gonna be a touhg choice.

Last but not least ... my firefighting days. I finaly got these:

And I was really glad. I became sworn volunteer firefighter. I had to stand up in front of all firefighters from our department (and some from other departments) and I had to vow to do good for people. It was a great feeling.
Anyway, you can see our last practice here. I`m the last one in the row. If you click on picture the whole galerry will open. :) Enjoy!

And that is it for now ...


I made a bag ... again

So ... I made another bag. It was really easy to make. I had some fabric that I couldn`t use for anything else because it was not enough of it for a skirt or sth. But no matter how much fabric you have you can always make a bag. :)
This one is quite practic. It opens on two sides. I hate bags that are big but you can never put anything big in it because the zipper is too small ... I don`t have problems like that with this one. Love it!


Photo of the day

We went for a walk on sunday. It was beautiful day. :)

And when I went to work on monday I made this photo. It was and early morning on a beautiful sunny day. :)

Everything smelled like summer. So first thing that I made for summer this year ... tadddaaa ... is this skirt. :) Summer will be pink.


CCT - after a loooong time.

Ok, so here it is ... my card for Cute card thursday. I finally had free time to do some craft. :) This weeks theme was ... well, very cute. :) "wine and dine" ... That says it all. I scaned my card so it`s a bit squashed ... sorry for that. And card is half white and half pink inside ... I think you can`t really see that in the second picture. :(


Well, that is my new hobby. :) I remembered my school days ... aaahhh, those old days ... :) Anyway, we were doing linocut at school. And I decidet to make those memories a bit more alive. :)

The first one is my sketch (I made it at work ... yes, I have a boring job ... and I`m looking for another one. :)). The second one is - of course - print. I think it looks ok for my first print after - let`s say - 10 years. :)


Me - Smurfette

So, I made my costume a swell ... I only had to make a shirt and a hat. I used old linen for my skirt. And I had a piece of white thermo velour which I used for hat. Don`t I look smart or what! :)

William Wallace - I have Mel Gibson at home ... :)

So here is costum for my E. I used 1.5 m of wool tartan wich was great for sewing. I love it. I made upper part from my mums old leather jacket (with her permission). :)
Upper part is manly sewn by hand (my poore fingers :)). But it was woth it because it looks great.
I made him this thing for hand too ... William Wallace has it too. :)
I didn`t make belt for his sword ... I just made some loops on the back. It works ok. :)
E. loves it ... we`ll see today what will others say. :) I think it looks ok ... But then again I think everything E. wears looks great. =D

What do you think? I would like to read your comments. :)



Pust is a great carnival. And it`s gonny be this weekend. It`s very similar to helloween. It has been years since I was wearing costumes for carnival. Usually kids dress up and go trick-or-treating. :) But where my E. Lives they dress up every year and go around village. So this year even I`m gonna trick-or-treat.

So what am I gonna be?? I`ve been thinking all week. E wants to be William Wallace. :) So I`m making him a costume.
He`s gonny be my own highlander (it is funny, because he lives in some kind of highland. :)).
And me ... I decided to be a Smurfette. :)
And I`m not even blond. :) Anyway ... stay tuned for pictures of our costumes ... made by me (of course). :)