curtains are fuuuuun ... dot dot dot

Finally made curtains ... but only for our kitchen. I still have to make it for living room. Our appartment is under the roof so this two windows are just 15cm above the floor. One in the kitchen and the other one is in the living room on the other side (it`s all just one place). Kitchen is in blue-white combination and living room is more orange-red. :) I will make curtains just like this one but in red ... some day. :)


I have a lot of blogs on my list ... there are some that I check often and some that I check every now and then. I always love reading Melissas blog. She is such an inspiration. I love her sewing and most of all her positive atitude ... well, and the fact that she is living on a boat. If that isn`t great I don`t know what is. :) So check her blog, you won`t be sorry.

Things are moving in my unimployment area too ... I had an interview this monday and got to the group of chosen three ... we have a practical test on monday. Keep your fingers crossed ... I might get the job ... if I will be the best. Blah ... and I don`t even know who my competitors are. Well, I`ll just have to give my best.

I`m still thinking about a dress for my graduation ceremony (it would be fun to go in a kimono since I graduated from japanese language ... but I was thinking of sth more classic). And I need a dres for my friends wedding in start of august. A lot of sewing there. I think I could use the same dress for graduation ceremony and my B-day (both is in june). Making two dresses would probably be too much. I was thinking RETRO for both dresses ... Now I just need some nice fabric, pattern and time. :) Eh, easy cake ...



Well, this much about a post a week. :) Anyway, my nephew was born and I got to see him the first time this monday (due to my illness last week and being on a ski vacations the week before that). He is a tiny boy with big lungs right now. :) I just can`t wait till he grows bigger so that I can play with him (yes, there is an inner child in me ... :)).

We had fun on our ski vacation. Even though I came home all in bruises. I guess I`m just not a natural talent for ski boarding. :)


Feels like summer ...

Smells like summer, but we are going skiing ... :) Next week ... and I`m just hoping it will get colder. Anyway, since everybody has an opinion I do to ... Eurovision song contest is getting closer and we have chosen our representative. And you know what ... I like it. I think it was the best out of 6 songs. But, you can decide yourself: 


I know we won`t win, because it`s not the songs, it`s politics ... but, I really think we have a great song, a great singer and a that`s it! :)
Other than that I`ve been making some lace these days. And since we are going skiing and it WILL get colder I`m making us some ski masks. I`l post how they`ll turn out. 
Tomorrow, after my Italian class, I`m going on a night hiking. :) My hubby is one of the organizators and I suppose I should go. :) They do it every year around full moon in march. It`s fun. We will go to a nearby LAŠČEK (1071m high). 
Can`t wait!