Blah ...

Today is just one of those days when you feel down. I don`t sleep well and I`m feeling kind of sick. I did finish costume for my hubby yesterday, so that he could go to a carnival. I turned him into Dumbledor. id did came out quite good and I will post picture next time. :) They are still on my camera. Need to find time ... need to find time ... need to sleep ... :) ZZzzzzzZzzz


We went to our capital city yesterday. We had a lovely time. Well, at least I did ... E had an exam and I went shopping. I made myself some more things to do. :) We will have curtains with dots we decided. There are two small windows in our appartment and until now we didn`t have curtains. Now we decided for red dots in our living room and blue dots in the kitchen. We will see how that will turn up. I found a great book with japanes and english translation of the same stories. GREAT! Now it`s time to read. :)
After all the shopping we made we went to eat at a mexican restaurant. I ate too much ... again. I always do that at mexican restaurants. Blimey! :)

Oh, and I got the address from Jo Yesterday. I will send her my little house in the next few days. :)


My little house!

Lovely project I have to say. And since I was in Senday a few years back I wanted to do something for people that lost their homes. And what better than something you are good at it and by that giving them some moral support. I found this project by jojoebi. I made my little house. You can make it too. It is so simple with all the instructions. Quick and easy I can say, even for those who can`t really sew. Try it!

ICE-LAND, but not Iceland ...

It`s getting really cold here and wind is blowing pretty hard. And you know what ... I like it. It finally is winter ... all that is missing is snow. It was snowing a bit the other day, but no visible results out of that ... :(

We went for a walk yesterday. It was freeeezzzing. :) But it was nice. I took my camera with me and took some great shots of icy river. We are the two eskimos in the upper right corner. :)

AND I`m finally learning italian ... Had first class on saturday. It was quite ok. I couldn`t wait to come home after the class. Teacher (who is a frend of mine) gave us homework ... Ha! I loved it!. :) I`m at school again. I think this is the only thing I know how to do ... going to school. I`ve been there since I was 7 ... I wish someone would give me a chance to proove myself at job to. So off to write some job applications ... :)



I was on my FB page the other day and I saw this. I had such a flashback! Those penciles were a BLAST! I love them. And then yesterday E and I went to a nearby town for coffee, some food shopping and to look around a bit. I insisted we go to kik so we did. And - son of a gun - there they were!! I bought myself a nice pink one. They are not as firm as I recall they were, but all the same, it`s nice to have a pencile like that. Just for the fun of it.

Otherwise nothing new ... :) Same old same old ...


A post a week

I know it`s already a february, but I decided that this year is going to be different. I wanted to say "a post a day" but, I guess I wouldn`t be able to do that ... So I`m gonna make a compromise and say "at least one post a week". Hopefuly that will work. :)

Nothing new today ... E is studying for his exam next week and I have nothing to do. :) My hand is getting better. I guess our kitchen knifes are too sharp (or me too clumsy). Still looking for a job. Got another rejection today. I`m wondering if they even read my applications ... Maybe I`ll write some more today. I have absolutely too much time to think. :) I should do something usefull with my time, but some days I just don`t have the energy to do anything.

This is a pic of me and my hand ... XD I tryed to do a peace sign, but I had some problems with my little finger. :) So I decided to go more rock!

And I guess a wedding pic that goes with it ... no, it`s not our bike unfortunately. :) We did have a wedding that rocked!


Bussy as a bee ...

I have been sewing lately and you can see (and buy) the result here. I was bussy in the kitchen too ... I have to say that my bread is getting better every day (or at least every time I make it). I`m trying to make the best of my time. I have a lot of time since I`m unimployed. Well, everything is good for something. I have the oportunity to do what I want with my time. No 8-4 shift. :) And I`m ok with that, as long as it won`t be too long ... So, still searching for a jom and in the meantime playing with sewing machine and kitchen appliances ... :) Life is great, ain`t it!