no time - all the time

Today I went to the doctors and I took a book with me ... I always wait there for sooooo long. And today, when I finally took a book with me to read, I was called in 5 minutes after I arrived. I only had time to read one whole poem. But it was a good one. :) 

Anyway ... besides a good poem it was good news too. So after bad/hard/ugly/depressed/totaly down (choose or add bad adjective yourself) two month I`m finally on the right track again. Yeeeey! This calls for a celebration ... something like going to the seaside in september. That would be great ... to relax and to delet this two month from our minds. And hopefully there will be a job waiting for me in the start of october ... maybe things will get better ... 

... I think it`s time that they do. :)


Sweet addiction ....

Thanks to my sister I`m now addicted to this ... It is just sooooooo goood. Thank you sis for the  six sister`s recipie ... :) Yummmmmmmy

It`s all just plate and crumbs now ...


It`s a tie ...

I owe you pics of the tie that I made for my friend. His GF had a dress made out of silk and they couldn`t find a tie that would go with it. :) That is where I stepped in ... He asked me if I could make it. I had this pattern  from Georgia Solorzano for a long time and I was just waiting for the opportunity to show. :) I used her best men`s tie pattern, but I modified it a bit. Her tie was a bit to wide for my taste.

I was also playing with napkins today. :) I made this two little pots for candle lights. Now I just have to wait till it`s dark. :) I used paper napkins, no colour wood lacque and some old jars. Really easy ...

And this is it for today. Have fun, read, comment ...


Wedding ...

I was hoping that I would be ok by now ... but I guess we just can`t get everything that we want. :) It`s just one thing after another. But, I`m still hanging in there ... somewhere. :) Maybe next week I will feel great and all my problems will be gone. Right? So, to more happy thoughts ... since we have been together we went to at least one wedding every year. Last year it was ours ...yiiipppyy! I still can`t forget how great it was! Could not be better. And this saturday it was my friends wedding. I`ve known him from elementary school. And he is one half of the duo responsible for the fact that me and E. even met. :)

So this was the wedding I really wanted to go to. And I guess no illness would stop me from going. I wasn`t really fit to make the whole outfit, so only the skirt is my doing. :) I bought the blouse and everything. I made jewelry too. It was just a pink - violet necklace made out of "fimo". Everybody liked it. :) My hubby had violet tie, but on this pic it looks grey. :( Anyway, we were still a big hit. :) Although a friend of mine, that was singing on this wedding, had exactly the same blouse as I did. And even though we only danced one slow dance we rocked and we had a blast. Not even my mild allergic reaction didn`t ruin that evening. :) Sunday was fun though ... E. had to take me to the doctors - to ER, because I had really bad allergic reaction and I almost scratched my head off ... :) Oh yes, that was fun ... nooooot.

Well, all in all ... it was nice wedding (not as much as ours :)) and I`m really glad that I didn`t have to miss it. Congrats to bride and groom!!

AND ... our first anniversary is coming really fast. :) I hope I will be really feeling good by then so that we can do something special on that day. :)

Enough of my crying all over the blog ... The good news this week was, that Jojoebi made her compilation of a neighbourhood walk. I love it! :) Maybe I`ll even share it with you someday. :) And I always enjoy reading about Melissas leggings. :) I just love reading her blog.

And that is it ... Have fun, comment, read, ...



 A very short post ... just to let you know that I`m still here ... still fighting!

It was a tough month ... I`m glad it`s ending. I hope for good news tomorrow, cause I`m sick of bad ones. I needed sth to to do, to make my mind not to think the same thing over and over again. It was sheer luck that a friend of mine asked me if I could make him a tie ... oh, can I ... :) I just finished it. It still needs to be ironed (Anyone offers a hand?) so pictures next time. Hopefully next to pics of my new dress for a friends wedding (oh, I do hope I will be able to attend).


Neighbourhood walk around the world - Slovenia

My turn for a neighbourhood walk ... welcome to Slovenia! To a little village called Slap ob Idrijci. I hope you will enjoy this walk with me.

1. POST BOX - This is our post box ... it is really small. :) We do have the big ones too, but just not in our village.

 2. LOCAL STORE - Our local store called Mercator. On the left you can see another red sign - it`s for restaurant.

 3. MANHOLE COVER - Very plane and boring ... I wish we would have manhole covers like in Japan ... I adore them. :)
4. PLAY/PARK AREA - We don`t really have a children`s park or play area in our village. They do have that in bigger places. But what we have is a beautiful natural bathing place. We have a great river called Idrijca which is great in summer month. You can really cool down in it. :)

5. STREET - This is our main street - not much to see. :) Houses are placed quite apart so it is not really a typical street. :)

6. LOCAL FORM OF TRANSPORT - Here you can see another view of the street. Car is most comonly used. We have busses too, but not a lot of people use them. Everybody has a car - it is not environmentaly friendly, but it is a necessery evil since we need to go to work and busses never drive at hours you need them. :)

My bonus pictures:

7.  Old HAY BARN with TRACTOR. :) I love this big old buildings.

 8. OLD HOUSE - half fallen apart. I guess I like taking pictures of old things. :) This one is quite old ... you can see the number 1913 written over the door.
 9. PATHWAY besides the forest. Really nice. I go there quite often. It leads to a house - birth place of very famous Slovenian writter CIRIL KOSMAČ.

 10. RIVER IDRIJCA and a small dam on the river. This is the view up the vally.

 11. BUS STATION. No need to explain. :)

12. The last one is SIGN for a SCHOOL WAY/PATH that alerts all the drivers that there might be children on the road.

I hope you enjoyed our little walk around my neighbourhood. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. My blog loves comments.

You might wanna check my older posts for more pictures ... like this one of a frozen river (it doesn`t happen often). Or our cleaning action. Or maybe the most beautifull, the lake nearby (5km away from here).

Oh, and since we were on short vacation ... I took picture of the big post box. :) Here it is: 

So this is it ... tomorrow is Scotland time ... I can hardly wait for that. We would like to go there sometime ... but there is never enough time or enough money. :) Maybe someday ... but at least tomorrow on a neighbourhood walk with Clair.

Absolutely a big thanks to Jo for having great ideas! :)
And here are the other participants, and their post date:
June 25 — Japan - www.jojoebi-designs.com
26 – California, USA http://akatsukira.com/
28 –  Canary islands, jeveuxunetitesoeurfille.over-blog.com
29 - East Devon, UK, www.knittylorn.blogspot.co.uk
30 - Michigan,  U.S.A. www.godwhohasnohands.blogspot.com
July 1 – Mokpo, S0uth Korea, http://jeollanamdosalad.wordpress.com/
3 - Falkirk in Scotland,  www.kidscraftandchaos.com
4 - Washington,  U.S.A. - http://www.zonnah.com
6 – South Africa - http://www.se7en.org.za/
7 - New York City, USA - http://taliastravelblog.wordpress.com/
9 - Wellington, NZ -  http://thepukekopatch.com/
10 - Berlin, Germany - http://camidaily.tumblr.com
Bye bye ... :)


Another day ... another walk ...

Oh I just love the idea of summer house ... somewhere in Sweden ... :) And THIS GIRL is definitly enjoying one up there ... :) Great walk in the neighbourhood!

And since we are up there ... I just read this great book called Ice princess by Camilla Lackberg. I would definitly recomend it to you. :)



update on neighbouthood walk ...

The full list of participants:
June 25th - jojoebi-designs - Saitama, Japan
June 26th - akatsuki ra-ra-ra - California, USA
June 27th - little red farm - Sweden
June 28th - "Je veux une 'tite soeur-fille" - Canary islands
June 29th - Knitty LornEast Devon, UK
June 30th - We Don't Need No EducationMichigan, U.S.A
July 1st - Jeollanam-do Salad - South Korea
July 2nd - Merita's PlaygroundSlovenia
July 3rd - kids, craft and chaos - Scotland, UK
July 4th - Zonnah's Addictions - Washington State, USA
July 5th - Adventures of a rainbow mama
July 6th - Se7en - South Africa
July 7th - Talia's Travel Web Log - New York, USA
July 8th - Monkey Magic - Japan
July 9th - The Pukeko Patch - Wellington, New Zealand
July 10th - Cami Daily - Berlin, Germany
July 11th - Crazy Cambridge mum - Cambridge, UK
July 12th - Schaeresteipapier - Switzerland
Yesterday Jo took us on tour around Saitama ... and today you can take a walk down the border of LA and Santa Monica. Enjoy!


Jojoebi of Jojoebi Designs has organised a neighbourhood walk around the world!Which I think is a great idea and of course I had to join in the fun. :)

Jo has started the series with a tour of Saitama today, and the series continues daily until the 12th of July (see schedule below).

Links to the worldwide neighbourhood tour:

June 25th – jojoebi-designs – Saitama, Japan
June 26th – akatsuki ra-ra-ra – California, USA
June 27th – little red farm – Sweden
June 28th – “Je veux une ‘tite soeur-fille” – Canary islands
June 29th – Knitty Lorn – East Devon, UK
June 30th – We Don’t Need No Education – Michigan, U.S.A
July 1st – Jeollanam-do Salad – South Korea
July 2nd – Merita’s Playground – Slovenia
July 3rd – kids, craft and chaos – Scotland, UK
July 4th – Zonnah’s Addictions – Washington State, USA
July 6th – Se7en – South Africa
July 7th – Talia’s Travel Web Log – New York, USA
July 8th – Monkey Magic – Japan
July 9th – The Pukeko Patch – Wellington, New Zealand
July 10th – Cami Daily – Berlin, Germany
July 11th – Crazy Cambridge mum – Cambridge, UK
July 12th – Schaeresteipapier – Switzerland


Wow ... new project for me. :) Jo has the greatest ideas of all ... and I`m going to participate in photo journal. You can read more about it here. I hope my pics will be good ... since I live in the middle of nowhere. :) Hmmm, we don`t even have street names ... well, we do have only one street. :) Lovely isn`t it? Stay tuned ...


Been gone for a long time ... working every day ... all day ... and that is no life for me. :) I was really glad to get the job, but the job description sounded a lot better than it really was. I`m on a sick leave now anyway ... We`ll see what happens next. :)

Now I have time to do what I like ... baking bread ... drawing ... sewing ... And I started making dress for my graduation ceremony. :) It`s not going well at the moment. I hope I will have something to show (and to wear for the ceremony).


Nothing to write about ...

I actually have nothing to write about ... I`ve been working non-stop for four weeks now ... and that means a lot of days from 8am till 7pm. And when I was free I was sleeping. :) So nothing really happend worth writing about. Maybe this month more news. :) I didn`t even have time to sew ... anything. Gosh, I miss having free time ...


Work ...

So, I got the job (after two tiring interviews) ... I`ve been working for two weeks now ... and it`s quite tiring for now ... it is all new to me and well, there are a lot of things that I have to figure out myself, since my boss isn`t there all the time. Blah ... I just feel like sleeping every day when I come home. I hope it will get better with time. I have a half year contract and then we will se how it will be. :) I work at a sports agency and I must say that I think I will like the job when I find out what it is that I have to do. :) As I said ... now it is really tiring.

So mum baked cake yesterday ... it was delicious. 

And I made new breakfast mat for us ... the old ones were too small for us. :) I guess my hubby and I are a really messy eaters. XD Anyway, I just love this fabric! Got it quite cheap too ...

"seikatsu no dezain" Waaaaaa .... well, that is not the whole word but I like it ... "everyday life design" ... :) Nice!


another dot ...

Well, I finally made curtains for our living room. :) Now we have blue and red curtains. I love it! 

I got a job to ... this week ... unbelivable. :) I`ll be working at a local agency for extreme sports (rafting etc.). We`ll see how it will be. I guess no free weekends this summer. I have a contract for 6 month ... after that I`ll decide if I`ll stay or look for sth else. I was glad that I got the job on my own ... we had interviews and the three of us got to the second level, where we had some sort of practical test. I guess I was the best. :) I just hope I`m ready for a job like that. It will be quite a responsability. But I think that at my soon-to-be-30 it`s about time for me to get jobs that bring more responsability.

Hubby is studying hard these days and he is giving a lot of lessons too. I guess final exams at highschools are getting closer every day. That is of course good for our budget. :) So ... we like it. :) Who wouldn`t.


curtains are fuuuuun ... dot dot dot

Finally made curtains ... but only for our kitchen. I still have to make it for living room. Our appartment is under the roof so this two windows are just 15cm above the floor. One in the kitchen and the other one is in the living room on the other side (it`s all just one place). Kitchen is in blue-white combination and living room is more orange-red. :) I will make curtains just like this one but in red ... some day. :)


I have a lot of blogs on my list ... there are some that I check often and some that I check every now and then. I always love reading Melissas blog. She is such an inspiration. I love her sewing and most of all her positive atitude ... well, and the fact that she is living on a boat. If that isn`t great I don`t know what is. :) So check her blog, you won`t be sorry.

Things are moving in my unimployment area too ... I had an interview this monday and got to the group of chosen three ... we have a practical test on monday. Keep your fingers crossed ... I might get the job ... if I will be the best. Blah ... and I don`t even know who my competitors are. Well, I`ll just have to give my best.

I`m still thinking about a dress for my graduation ceremony (it would be fun to go in a kimono since I graduated from japanese language ... but I was thinking of sth more classic). And I need a dres for my friends wedding in start of august. A lot of sewing there. I think I could use the same dress for graduation ceremony and my B-day (both is in june). Making two dresses would probably be too much. I was thinking RETRO for both dresses ... Now I just need some nice fabric, pattern and time. :) Eh, easy cake ...



Well, this much about a post a week. :) Anyway, my nephew was born and I got to see him the first time this monday (due to my illness last week and being on a ski vacations the week before that). He is a tiny boy with big lungs right now. :) I just can`t wait till he grows bigger so that I can play with him (yes, there is an inner child in me ... :)).

We had fun on our ski vacation. Even though I came home all in bruises. I guess I`m just not a natural talent for ski boarding. :)


Feels like summer ...

Smells like summer, but we are going skiing ... :) Next week ... and I`m just hoping it will get colder. Anyway, since everybody has an opinion I do to ... Eurovision song contest is getting closer and we have chosen our representative. And you know what ... I like it. I think it was the best out of 6 songs. But, you can decide yourself: 


I know we won`t win, because it`s not the songs, it`s politics ... but, I really think we have a great song, a great singer and a that`s it! :)
Other than that I`ve been making some lace these days. And since we are going skiing and it WILL get colder I`m making us some ski masks. I`l post how they`ll turn out. 
Tomorrow, after my Italian class, I`m going on a night hiking. :) My hubby is one of the organizators and I suppose I should go. :) They do it every year around full moon in march. It`s fun. We will go to a nearby LAŠČEK (1071m high). 
Can`t wait!


Blah ...

Today is just one of those days when you feel down. I don`t sleep well and I`m feeling kind of sick. I did finish costume for my hubby yesterday, so that he could go to a carnival. I turned him into Dumbledor. id did came out quite good and I will post picture next time. :) They are still on my camera. Need to find time ... need to find time ... need to sleep ... :) ZZzzzzzZzzz


We went to our capital city yesterday. We had a lovely time. Well, at least I did ... E had an exam and I went shopping. I made myself some more things to do. :) We will have curtains with dots we decided. There are two small windows in our appartment and until now we didn`t have curtains. Now we decided for red dots in our living room and blue dots in the kitchen. We will see how that will turn up. I found a great book with japanes and english translation of the same stories. GREAT! Now it`s time to read. :)
After all the shopping we made we went to eat at a mexican restaurant. I ate too much ... again. I always do that at mexican restaurants. Blimey! :)

Oh, and I got the address from Jo Yesterday. I will send her my little house in the next few days. :)


My little house!

Lovely project I have to say. And since I was in Senday a few years back I wanted to do something for people that lost their homes. And what better than something you are good at it and by that giving them some moral support. I found this project by jojoebi. I made my little house. You can make it too. It is so simple with all the instructions. Quick and easy I can say, even for those who can`t really sew. Try it!

ICE-LAND, but not Iceland ...

It`s getting really cold here and wind is blowing pretty hard. And you know what ... I like it. It finally is winter ... all that is missing is snow. It was snowing a bit the other day, but no visible results out of that ... :(

We went for a walk yesterday. It was freeeezzzing. :) But it was nice. I took my camera with me and took some great shots of icy river. We are the two eskimos in the upper right corner. :)

AND I`m finally learning italian ... Had first class on saturday. It was quite ok. I couldn`t wait to come home after the class. Teacher (who is a frend of mine) gave us homework ... Ha! I loved it!. :) I`m at school again. I think this is the only thing I know how to do ... going to school. I`ve been there since I was 7 ... I wish someone would give me a chance to proove myself at job to. So off to write some job applications ... :)



I was on my FB page the other day and I saw this. I had such a flashback! Those penciles were a BLAST! I love them. And then yesterday E and I went to a nearby town for coffee, some food shopping and to look around a bit. I insisted we go to kik so we did. And - son of a gun - there they were!! I bought myself a nice pink one. They are not as firm as I recall they were, but all the same, it`s nice to have a pencile like that. Just for the fun of it.

Otherwise nothing new ... :) Same old same old ...


A post a week

I know it`s already a february, but I decided that this year is going to be different. I wanted to say "a post a day" but, I guess I wouldn`t be able to do that ... So I`m gonna make a compromise and say "at least one post a week". Hopefuly that will work. :)

Nothing new today ... E is studying for his exam next week and I have nothing to do. :) My hand is getting better. I guess our kitchen knifes are too sharp (or me too clumsy). Still looking for a job. Got another rejection today. I`m wondering if they even read my applications ... Maybe I`ll write some more today. I have absolutely too much time to think. :) I should do something usefull with my time, but some days I just don`t have the energy to do anything.

This is a pic of me and my hand ... XD I tryed to do a peace sign, but I had some problems with my little finger. :) So I decided to go more rock!

And I guess a wedding pic that goes with it ... no, it`s not our bike unfortunately. :) We did have a wedding that rocked!


Bussy as a bee ...

I have been sewing lately and you can see (and buy) the result here. I was bussy in the kitchen too ... I have to say that my bread is getting better every day (or at least every time I make it). I`m trying to make the best of my time. I have a lot of time since I`m unimployed. Well, everything is good for something. I have the oportunity to do what I want with my time. No 8-4 shift. :) And I`m ok with that, as long as it won`t be too long ... So, still searching for a jom and in the meantime playing with sewing machine and kitchen appliances ... :) Life is great, ain`t it!


Back from hibernation ...

Wow, I cannot believe it has been so long ... :) So much has happened in this last year and I guess I really didn`t have time to write my blog. We finished our apparttment (well, what was planned to be done), E and I got MARRIED!! Oh yes, it was lovely. :) I finally finished my diploma and ended years of suffering XD. And besides all this I was working full time in a book store. This year started really slowly and I hope I will spend more time doing things I like than tings I must do. :) And maybe it`s time to breathe some life into this blog.

Been working on some stuff lately. I hope my Etsy shop will be buzzing soon. I will try to write a lot and hopefully often. :)