Friday sketchers challenge nr 26

This is my card for this friday.
I bought the red paper for card this week, when I went to Ljubljana. It is MAJESTIC emperor red. It`s a bit shiny. I bought some silver and golden paper too. Green paper for tree and shiny paper for ornaments and bands is KYOWA origami paper. I bought that one in Tokyo last year. It is great for things like this. Picture was drawn by me and colored with my watercolor penciles by Faber-castell. Everybody knows the agony of getting tree lights ready ... They get knotted again and again every year :).



And I shouldn`t forget this one ...

You have to make some effort to get this blog candy. :) Love it! The one that will get this candy will absolutely earn it. It`s a tough guess. I wonder who will get it.


Another blog candy ... A lot of people is giving away goods this days. And we all love it. Don`t we? So, here is another one: Scrapping away !


My first FS entry

I came acros this great blog called Friday Sketchers. So I`m gonny try a bit of my creativity. :) So, this is my first card ...I really think I`m gonna have to try better next time. :) (But in my defence ... I`m really sick right now :( )

My "forever yours" card (picture is a bit smudgy I think ... sorry for that. I have to find a way how to take a picture of this cards ... I think scaning them is not really good idea because they could get squashed :)) :

Well, this is it ... I`m waiting for next friday. I just hope I`m gonna get over this flue (or whatever it is) so that I`m gonna have more energy to do this :).


Everybody wants free stuf ...

... even me. :) But even if I don`t get it ... it doesn`t matter. I get inspiration from THIS blog. It is worth checking out. AND Leonie is giving blog candy for 10000 hits. Congrats!!

Anyway ... you can find her blog in my blog list too. :)


I was wondering ... is anybody out there? :)

Anyway ... it will soon be december ... and all the holidays ... So it`s probably time for me to make some Xmas cards. Every year I say I`m gonna make them myself ... but I never really got to that. :) Time speeds up in october every year. And - again and again - december always surprises me. So I send cards that I buy. But not this year!

It was/is a great year for me. So much happened to me. So why not push my luck a bit more. :) This year I`m gonna make Xmas cards. :) And I`m gonna start right now.

Come back for update. :)


I have been busy

I have been doing some things ... But lately I really don`t have much time. So, what did I do last two weeks? Work most of the time. But I did find few minutes here and there to do some sewing.

First project was finishing my res skirt ... It was giving me a lot of problems. But I finally did finish it. Although it did not came out the way I wanted to. But it still looks ok. I got pattern form an old sewing book we have at home. I think I`m gonna stick to Burda modemagazin from now on ... Because sizes in this book were a bit strange. :)

Zipper foot ... aaaaa ... I love it. :) It makes thing so much easyer.
My next project was toiletry bag. I made it very quickly. I did try to follow this pattern ... but I must admit I was improvising a lot. :) At the end it looks quite ok.

Then it was another party comming up ... My friend just graduated. So we went out for a few drinks. He is now a criminalist. We didn`t know what to give him. So we wanted to give him the best partner for work. :) It was soooo much fun. We gave him Rex. Not the real one. I made the inscription on the back: "REX KRIMINALPOLIZEI". :) Our friend loved it. He is gonny put it on the back shelf of his car.I finished my last project today. It was a top from very cute fabric. :) With small cats on it. Pattern is from Burda modemagazin 2/2008. Pattern no. 122. Very easy to make.

And that is it ... I think I`m gona try to make shirt next. :) We`ll see ...


Finally something new

It was my friends B-day and I wanted to give her something made by me. I always like to have small bags in my bag ... so that everything is well organized. I remembered this great tutorial for small bags. Thank you Javajem! :)

I got this really great fabric. White with red print on it. And one red material for inner parts of bags.My friend was very pleased with the present. And of course I was very happy about it. :)