I`ve been drawing again for IF. This weeks theme was germs. Yayks! Anyway this is how my drawing went. I started with a sketch. Oh, did I tell you I absolutely adore Mark Crilley and all his "how to draw" that you can find on youtube ... Thank you B. for lending me your coppy of Miki falls and for showing me the world of Crilley manga drawing. Although I never did like mangas (wich is weird since I`m studying japanese ...) I like his style.
Ok lets go on with MY drawing. :) Sketch. I was cinsidering fifth pannel with only germs drawn in it. But I think it would be too tacky. So I didn`t use it.

I used four pannels with a close up face of a girl sneezing. Step by step.

And finally I went over with black colour pencil and erased all lines that was not supposed to be there. I ended up with this.

The finall coloured result can be seen in my next post.

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