Interview with the ...

... vampire? :) It wasn`t like that. Although lately I am one of those who fell for Edward the vampire (what a coincidence that my B-friend shares the name with him (but luckily not the thirst for blood).

Anyway, this post is all about me being interviewed by Bluejules. Short interview for a coffee break she says. :) You can read it here. Make sure you stop by her blog bluejules sews OR her writing etc. blog soul flowers OR her lovely Etsy shop where she sels some pretty darn great clothes. :)

Thank you for making me your first object of interest. :) It has been great answering your questions.

That`s it for now (since I`m at work ... :)). I`ll be back with more later so come back and check my blog ... Thanx for looking, reading, commenting ...

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