no time - all the time

Today I went to the doctors and I took a book with me ... I always wait there for sooooo long. And today, when I finally took a book with me to read, I was called in 5 minutes after I arrived. I only had time to read one whole poem. But it was a good one. :) 

Anyway ... besides a good poem it was good news too. So after bad/hard/ugly/depressed/totaly down (choose or add bad adjective yourself) two month I`m finally on the right track again. Yeeeey! This calls for a celebration ... something like going to the seaside in september. That would be great ... to relax and to delet this two month from our minds. And hopefully there will be a job waiting for me in the start of october ... maybe things will get better ... 

... I think it`s time that they do. :)

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