Back and better ... :)

Hello ... I`m back. :) After a rough time in our lives it`s time to put this blog back to life ... And since that time of year is comming why not with christmas project ... :) This year I decided to make tree ornaments (I did them last year too ... from cardboard). I orderd two different fabrics from svetmetraže. This is my favourite fabric shop in Slovenia (and probably the only one where you can order fabric online around here ... :)). So, this was my choice ... 


My plan is to make small heart shaped pillows filled with soft filling and some lavender. I already made two of them yesterday (no photos yet ... sorry) whinch is actually quite good regarding my work schedule ... :)

More to come ... pics too ... :) Oh, and it`s good to be back ... :)

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Brigita said...

Well well, look who's back! Šik blago.