My first FS entry

I came acros this great blog called Friday Sketchers. So I`m gonny try a bit of my creativity. :) So, this is my first card ...I really think I`m gonna have to try better next time. :) (But in my defence ... I`m really sick right now :( )

My "forever yours" card (picture is a bit smudgy I think ... sorry for that. I have to find a way how to take a picture of this cards ... I think scaning them is not really good idea because they could get squashed :)) :

Well, this is it ... I`m waiting for next friday. I just hope I`m gonna get over this flue (or whatever it is) so that I`m gonna have more energy to do this :).


Heidi said...

What a cute card you have made for FS this week, I really love it

Hugs from

Simone said...

This is a very cute and lovely image! Beautiful!

Cardmaking Galore said...

Cute card