I have been busy

I have been doing some things ... But lately I really don`t have much time. So, what did I do last two weeks? Work most of the time. But I did find few minutes here and there to do some sewing.

First project was finishing my res skirt ... It was giving me a lot of problems. But I finally did finish it. Although it did not came out the way I wanted to. But it still looks ok. I got pattern form an old sewing book we have at home. I think I`m gonna stick to Burda modemagazin from now on ... Because sizes in this book were a bit strange. :)

Zipper foot ... aaaaa ... I love it. :) It makes thing so much easyer.
My next project was toiletry bag. I made it very quickly. I did try to follow this pattern ... but I must admit I was improvising a lot. :) At the end it looks quite ok.

Then it was another party comming up ... My friend just graduated. So we went out for a few drinks. He is now a criminalist. We didn`t know what to give him. So we wanted to give him the best partner for work. :) It was soooo much fun. We gave him Rex. Not the real one. I made the inscription on the back: "REX KRIMINALPOLIZEI". :) Our friend loved it. He is gonny put it on the back shelf of his car.I finished my last project today. It was a top from very cute fabric. :) With small cats on it. Pattern is from Burda modemagazin 2/2008. Pattern no. 122. Very easy to make.

And that is it ... I think I`m gona try to make shirt next. :) We`ll see ...

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Brigita said...

Zakaj teh nisi dala na BurdaStyle? Ful so dobre.