My first knitting project, some more weddings and more ...

Pletenje (knitting) by Wanda Bonando

First is first ... my knitting project (I hope I will finis it before summer will come :)). I was checking out my mum`s old book about knitting and I thought it would be nice to have something new ... made by my mum. :) She didn`t wanna make it so I have to make it myself. :)

I think I`m knitting quite ok ... since I remember my knitting from when I was 15 ... That was NOT a smoothe knitting like it is now. I guess there is the right time and place for everything ... even for knitting. I just started knitting the other day (after a looong time) and it looked quite good. :)

And oh yes, the WEDDINGS ... I guess I can`t get ridd of those. :) All of my friends are getting maried. So, I was thinking red and white (red everywhere I know). I was checking out some old burdas and picked out three dresses. I`m gonna choose one of them when I get the right fabric. It`s gonna be a touhg choice.

Last but not least ... my firefighting days. I finaly got these:

And I was really glad. I became sworn volunteer firefighter. I had to stand up in front of all firefighters from our department (and some from other departments) and I had to vow to do good for people. It was a great feeling.
Anyway, you can see our last practice here. I`m the last one in the row. If you click on picture the whole galerry will open. :) Enjoy!

And that is it for now ...

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A tisto majcko pletes? Ful dobra.