birds and bees :)

Oh yes yes ... I`ve been busy like a bee (btw: I know they are busy right now because they are flying all around our house ... ) I made nice romantic blouse. I had a great pattern made by JJ at Burdastyle comunity. Thank you JJ, you are a true inspiration.

Anyway ... some pics of my blouse.

I think it looks quite lovely. :)

Oh ... and I tryed my mums wedding dress the other day. We had a blast! I look like a woman from wild wild west :)

Anyway, my other projects are okey (ummmm ... :)). Kniting is going as expected. I almost finished my pink vest. Just some more rows to go. :) And I almost finished dress I`m gonna wear to a friends wedding in july (hmmmm ... I think you can see I`m unimployed right now. I have too much time. :)).

Come back for more ...

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Brigita said...

Hehe, wild wild west, prow res. na platnici ene knjige, ku jo je mama brala pred 15. leti je bla ena zenska v lit taki obleki. :D