Dear blog ...

... I`m sorry I haven`t been posting for so long. :) It has been a while. I`ve been really busy. But now I`m back. I was sewing a dress for a friends wedding. I was choosing a pattern if you remember ... Well, that dress was almost finished when last week I changed my mind. I didn`t like it anymore so this week I made another dress for a wedding that happened yesterday. It was a close call, but I made it!
... pictures ... here ... look ... comment ... please ... :)

First, a decoration: You can find "here" how to make flowers like this.

Next, a dress:

And the best part ... It`s not just one dress it is 2 in 1. :) He he ... I can wear only the red one.

It was a hit of the evening ... again. :) And it was a lovely wedding. We had SUPER FUN. :)

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