I have a lot of blogs on my list ... there are some that I check often and some that I check every now and then. I always love reading Melissas blog. She is such an inspiration. I love her sewing and most of all her positive atitude ... well, and the fact that she is living on a boat. If that isn`t great I don`t know what is. :) So check her blog, you won`t be sorry.

Things are moving in my unimployment area too ... I had an interview this monday and got to the group of chosen three ... we have a practical test on monday. Keep your fingers crossed ... I might get the job ... if I will be the best. Blah ... and I don`t even know who my competitors are. Well, I`ll just have to give my best.

I`m still thinking about a dress for my graduation ceremony (it would be fun to go in a kimono since I graduated from japanese language ... but I was thinking of sth more classic). And I need a dres for my friends wedding in start of august. A lot of sewing there. I think I could use the same dress for graduation ceremony and my B-day (both is in june). Making two dresses would probably be too much. I was thinking RETRO for both dresses ... Now I just need some nice fabric, pattern and time. :) Eh, easy cake ...

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