Feels like summer ...

Smells like summer, but we are going skiing ... :) Next week ... and I`m just hoping it will get colder. Anyway, since everybody has an opinion I do to ... Eurovision song contest is getting closer and we have chosen our representative. And you know what ... I like it. I think it was the best out of 6 songs. But, you can decide yourself: 


I know we won`t win, because it`s not the songs, it`s politics ... but, I really think we have a great song, a great singer and a that`s it! :)
Other than that I`ve been making some lace these days. And since we are going skiing and it WILL get colder I`m making us some ski masks. I`l post how they`ll turn out. 
Tomorrow, after my Italian class, I`m going on a night hiking. :) My hubby is one of the organizators and I suppose I should go. :) They do it every year around full moon in march. It`s fun. We will go to a nearby LAŠČEK (1071m high). 
Can`t wait!

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