Work ...

So, I got the job (after two tiring interviews) ... I`ve been working for two weeks now ... and it`s quite tiring for now ... it is all new to me and well, there are a lot of things that I have to figure out myself, since my boss isn`t there all the time. Blah ... I just feel like sleeping every day when I come home. I hope it will get better with time. I have a half year contract and then we will se how it will be. :) I work at a sports agency and I must say that I think I will like the job when I find out what it is that I have to do. :) As I said ... now it is really tiring.

So mum baked cake yesterday ... it was delicious. 

And I made new breakfast mat for us ... the old ones were too small for us. :) I guess my hubby and I are a really messy eaters. XD Anyway, I just love this fabric! Got it quite cheap too ...

"seikatsu no dezain" Waaaaaa .... well, that is not the whole word but I like it ... "everyday life design" ... :) Nice!

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