Neighbourhood walk around the world - Slovenia

My turn for a neighbourhood walk ... welcome to Slovenia! To a little village called Slap ob Idrijci. I hope you will enjoy this walk with me.

1. POST BOX - This is our post box ... it is really small. :) We do have the big ones too, but just not in our village.

 2. LOCAL STORE - Our local store called Mercator. On the left you can see another red sign - it`s for restaurant.

 3. MANHOLE COVER - Very plane and boring ... I wish we would have manhole covers like in Japan ... I adore them. :)
4. PLAY/PARK AREA - We don`t really have a children`s park or play area in our village. They do have that in bigger places. But what we have is a beautiful natural bathing place. We have a great river called Idrijca which is great in summer month. You can really cool down in it. :)

5. STREET - This is our main street - not much to see. :) Houses are placed quite apart so it is not really a typical street. :)

6. LOCAL FORM OF TRANSPORT - Here you can see another view of the street. Car is most comonly used. We have busses too, but not a lot of people use them. Everybody has a car - it is not environmentaly friendly, but it is a necessery evil since we need to go to work and busses never drive at hours you need them. :)

My bonus pictures:

7.  Old HAY BARN with TRACTOR. :) I love this big old buildings.

 8. OLD HOUSE - half fallen apart. I guess I like taking pictures of old things. :) This one is quite old ... you can see the number 1913 written over the door.
 9. PATHWAY besides the forest. Really nice. I go there quite often. It leads to a house - birth place of very famous Slovenian writter CIRIL KOSMAČ.

 10. RIVER IDRIJCA and a small dam on the river. This is the view up the vally.

 11. BUS STATION. No need to explain. :)

12. The last one is SIGN for a SCHOOL WAY/PATH that alerts all the drivers that there might be children on the road.

I hope you enjoyed our little walk around my neighbourhood. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. My blog loves comments.

You might wanna check my older posts for more pictures ... like this one of a frozen river (it doesn`t happen often). Or our cleaning action. Or maybe the most beautifull, the lake nearby (5km away from here).

Oh, and since we were on short vacation ... I took picture of the big post box. :) Here it is: 

So this is it ... tomorrow is Scotland time ... I can hardly wait for that. We would like to go there sometime ... but there is never enough time or enough money. :) Maybe someday ... but at least tomorrow on a neighbourhood walk with Clair.

Absolutely a big thanks to Jo for having great ideas! :)
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Bye bye ... :)


jojoebi-designs said...

Another yellow post box!
they are looking quite popular :o)
It is so pretty where you live, very picturesque!
thank you for going in.

**can you put up a post title, I can't link to the actual post because the title is missing, thanks**


Merita said...

Oh yes ... I missed that. :) Already repaired. :)

Brigita said...

Hmm, the place actually looks different on photos.

akatsukira said...

You live in a beautiful town! So green and scenic!

And I love the road sign with the children. They look like they're eager to get to school.

Clair said...

It looks so lovely and green and not at all rainy which is what we have at the moment, I'm afraid everyone will be disappointed by Scotland!

Rachael said...

Slovenia is so beautiful. Is the water warm enough to swim in? It really reminds me of the bathing places that we have here in Sweden.
Thanks for sharing!

Merita said...

Thanx everybody! The water is really great in summer time. :) And yes, it is really green around here. :)

Zonnah said...

It is so beautiful where you live! I am going to add this to my 'to travel to someday' list :)

Merita said...

Well, if anybody comes here someday just don`t forget to contact me. :)

Natalie said...

Your post box looks like our old one's. Same colour and sign. I want them back.

Jackson said...

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