ICE-LAND, but not Iceland ...

It`s getting really cold here and wind is blowing pretty hard. And you know what ... I like it. It finally is winter ... all that is missing is snow. It was snowing a bit the other day, but no visible results out of that ... :(

We went for a walk yesterday. It was freeeezzzing. :) But it was nice. I took my camera with me and took some great shots of icy river. We are the two eskimos in the upper right corner. :)

AND I`m finally learning italian ... Had first class on saturday. It was quite ok. I couldn`t wait to come home after the class. Teacher (who is a frend of mine) gave us homework ... Ha! I loved it!. :) I`m at school again. I think this is the only thing I know how to do ... going to school. I`ve been there since I was 7 ... I wish someone would give me a chance to proove myself at job to. So off to write some job applications ... :)

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