oh my tree and Friday sketchers ...

I finally made card for last week. It seems I don`t have time for anything these days. I work and when I come home I just go to bed. What a waste of time. :) But I did manage to make this card for Friday sketchers ...

I still need some more cards ... I have to send it to my friends. Especially to those I don`t see much. Anyway, this card was made from some paper prom my old stash, gold pencile and some felt. Easy easy. I like making cards if I have a sketch to follow.

And ... I missed last weeks cute card thursday ... but only because I was making my christmas tree. :) And this is proof:
Isn`t this tree sweet. :) But I`m gonna try harder for this weeks card.

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Naoual said...

Cute card!

xx Naoual