This is going to be a loooong post :)

I decided I`m only gonna have one blog fore everything ... :) One is hard enough to keep up with. Anyway ... since I`m gonna delete my other blog I`ll coppy-paste those posts that are worth to see. :)

So here are posts with great pictures. :)

It was snowing today. :) I went to work at 7:30 and first snowflakes were falling down. When I wanted to go home 8 hours later ... I found this waiting for me:
It took another 30 minutes before I cleaned this. :) Pictures are taken with my phone so they are not really good. But I think you can see everything it needs to be seen. :)

And all I could see while driving home was ... snow:
I love snow ...

We went for a walk yesterday. On a hill near my b-friends home. It was one of those great sunny sundays in fall. :) We were catching the last glimps of sun. It was beautiful.
After that we went to a turistical farm (our friends family has this farm) to have something to eat. This pictures were taken 100 meters away from this farm. It is really great view. (pictures were taken with my cell phone, so quality is not really great ... sorry)

Anyway ... it was a great day. Now we are just hoping that it will get colder and that december will be white. I love winter evenings. Snow outside and me inside under a warm blanket. :) mmmmm

Me and my boyfriend went to Ljubljana two days ago. We had real fun shopping, walking around and pretending that we are tourists. :) Taking pictures of everything. Fun fun fun! It was raining at home and storm was comming really fast over Ljubljana too. Here are some pictures of our trip.

We went to get a cup of coffie in this sweet cafe ... la petit cafe ...
As I said there was rain at home. And this was the result: River near our house got huuuge. :) And really dirty brown. (this is view from my balcony)
Lake in nearby town was brown too. Usually it has really nice colour.

And this is how the road looked like when I was going home from my boyfriends home. Leaves everywhere. Water was overflowing the road (wich is really narrow).

Anyway, I like fall even in rain ... fall always has great colours. :)

I finally have some time to put promised pictures in here ... :)

First there was a vineyard ...

Hailstone did a lot of damage this year ...
But there was still enough grapes for four containers like this (and they aren`t small) ... :) We will drink wine this year too.

Ghost in wine cellar ... :) Let`s just hope it won`t drink all this years wine ...

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