St. Nicolas day ...

Love it love it love it ... When we were little we put the biggest pot we could find in the halway ... so that St. Nicolas would give us a lot of gifts. :) Now I usually just wish to get some socks or something like that. :) Well and sweets too. :) So this year I got some really great mittens. They are sooooo cute. I love them!
My mum made them. I think I got red mittens with blue stripes for St. Nicolas day two years ago. And they are really poorly-looking things now. So It`s great that I got new ones, because I really need them. Aren`t they great or what??!! And thay came together with ... yes, you guessed ... with sweets and tangerins (they are really necessary for St. Nicolas day ... it wouldn`t be the same without that sweet tangerine smell.) :)Oh, and when I`m at it ... I sould share this with you. :) I`ve got this flower in my room ... It`s white rose. And it`s still there ... so why is this strange? Because I have it for almost a month now and it looks the same as when I got it. And it is not a plastic flower. :D Maybe it will last till the end of december. :)

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