We went to our capital city yesterday. We had a lovely time. Well, at least I did ... E had an exam and I went shopping. I made myself some more things to do. :) We will have curtains with dots we decided. There are two small windows in our appartment and until now we didn`t have curtains. Now we decided for red dots in our living room and blue dots in the kitchen. We will see how that will turn up. I found a great book with japanes and english translation of the same stories. GREAT! Now it`s time to read. :)
After all the shopping we made we went to eat at a mexican restaurant. I ate too much ... again. I always do that at mexican restaurants. Blimey! :)

Oh, and I got the address from Jo Yesterday. I will send her my little house in the next few days. :)


Brigita said...

Super blago! Ki si ga kupila?

Merita said...

V kilometru ali ... :D Tam v hali A. Majo super, kr majo v modri, rdeči, zeleni in oranžni pa menda v roza tud enake vzorce. Ful fajn. Bi vzela še, ma nama gre samo plavo in rdeče. Še rožice so mel pa črte, pa kocke itd. Res super!