A post a week

I know it`s already a february, but I decided that this year is going to be different. I wanted to say "a post a day" but, I guess I wouldn`t be able to do that ... So I`m gonna make a compromise and say "at least one post a week". Hopefuly that will work. :)

Nothing new today ... E is studying for his exam next week and I have nothing to do. :) My hand is getting better. I guess our kitchen knifes are too sharp (or me too clumsy). Still looking for a job. Got another rejection today. I`m wondering if they even read my applications ... Maybe I`ll write some more today. I have absolutely too much time to think. :) I should do something usefull with my time, but some days I just don`t have the energy to do anything.

This is a pic of me and my hand ... XD I tryed to do a peace sign, but I had some problems with my little finger. :) So I decided to go more rock!

And I guess a wedding pic that goes with it ... no, it`s not our bike unfortunately. :) We did have a wedding that rocked!

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