And she drives a red beauty ...

Anybody who knows me knows that I absolutely adore my car (although it`s giving me a hard time lately). Anyway ... this is my Peugeot 206 called PABLO. :)

I`m always trying to make it look beautiful. And one day I got a great idea. First I printed out picture - only outline. For me it was a lion - of course. :)
Next you need a sheet of felts (I think is woolen). But not the soft one. It must be hard. And then you pin printed picture on this sheet of felts. You can use normal paper clips or anything else that will hold this two sheets together.
Then you will need a tapestry knife (I don`t really know the name of the knife. Just check the picture. :)). With this knife you cut out the picture. You should make sure that everything is in one piece because we won`t use glue.
When you cut it out is should look like this.
Then you just put it on the back shelf of your car. It is also dressed in a material like felts. And this materials stick together realy great. You put it on a shelf and it will stay there. It won`t move. :) It`s a great decoration. So now my back shelf looks like this (so girlish ... :)):


Javajem said...

That's a cool idea! Great job!

Brigita said...

Ti bova tud midva narocila enga tacga za na zadnjo polico ... ;)