Spring jacket in fall

I wanted to make this jacket for spring 2008 ... but I had some problems with collar. I didn`t feel like dealing with it at that time so I left it for better times. Well, better times had come in start of september. I finally finished my jacket that suddenly became fall jacket instead of spring jacket.
The collar is a bit improvised, but it looks ok like this too.
If you didn`t already notice ... I used green ribbon to hem the pockets (like I did at playground jeans).

And one more obvious thing. I used the same green tartan cotton, for the inside part of jacket, as I did for playground jeans.
I only used two wooden buttons. It`s more playful like this. Open half way and green tartan looking out. :)

Material I used was green boucle, green tartan cotton, some green ribbon and two wooden buttons.
I used pattern from Burda modemagazin 2/2008. Pattern no. 104. It`s the bright yellow jacket on the cover of the magazin.

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