More of my old projects

OK ... don`t even ask what I am doing here. :) I`m posing in my (then) new party top. I usualy don`t wear pink. But I quite like this top. It`s very simple no-pattern-all-improvising top. It was made very quickly too. Maybe 20 minutes. It only has a few seams. And it is a very elastic material.

This is my beach dress. Again no pattern project made in few minutes (it seams I have a lot of those). I like orange color. The material is not so good. It`s quite synthetic. But it is really comfortabe as a beach dress.

And finally my red skirt. Made from elastic cotton. It has some small patterns on it. Because material is so elastic I didn`t use any zipper (That is why I like elastric material :)). You just fasten the belt on one side so that the skirt stays on. :) Very easy to make. Again I didn`t use any pattern. It was all just my imagination and improvising.

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