Quite orange

Project shirt that started out good and - how strange - ended good too. I might be making shirts again soon just because this one came out OK. I`m kind of scared of making shirts. Why? I always have problems with collar. And I won`t even mention the problems I have with buttonholes.
Anyway, I was brave enough to strat this one. And now I`m glad that I was. Although I made it just a bit too short. Next time I`m gonna make it longer.
I got the pattern from Burda modemagazin from june 2007. This great orange material I bought in a local fabrics shop. It`s an elastic cotton. I like elastic materila because clothes are more flexible that way. I also bought buttons at a local shop. They are the same color as print on the fabric.

Buttonholes are not exactly the way they should be. I`m gonna have to try harder next time. :)

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