My sisters B-day

Summer was starting and my sisters birthday was comming up. She is working at home. Always in fron of PC. So I wanted to make her something nice, comfortable to wear while working. I found great pattern od Burda style site called ESTHER. And then I bought two different elastic cottons. One all blue and one blue with pink print on it.
I cut out all the pieces twice. Once from blue fabric and once from blue-pink fabric. And then I started sewind two esthers. When I finished that I just put them together and made one esther out of it. It`s a great thing. Now she can wear it on both sides. Only blue or blue - pink.
There are some more pictures of blue-pink side HERE.

It`s a very easy pattern. Although it did get a bit complicated when I was putting two pieces together. But nothing I couldn`t handle. And I`m not really an expert. :)


Kevin Davis said...

Cool blog - just stoppin' by. It's crazy the places the 'Next Blog' link takes you.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog...always WISHED I could sew (but my mom didnt want to risk lending me her sewing machine). Keep at it!

Bz said...

SOO creative, you are. Just happened upon your site with the Next Blog button.
Would love to find the time to be crafty like you.
Keep it up!