Playground jeans

I hate pants shopping. I hate trying them on. You have to undress ... and dress ... and again undress ... Arrgghhh ... So very anoying. So one day I discovered I was out of jeans. PANIC! What to wear. I rushed into our local fabrics store and I bought some elastic jeans material. And right there ~BAM~ I got an idea. I saw this cute green tartan cotton and I decided to use that on my jeans.

I always wear jeans on high heels and on flats. So I want my jeans to be flexible. This was a problem I solved quickly. I just made them longer. But ... what to do, to make them special? :) I used that cute green tartan cotton on the inside hem. So when I wear flats that green tartan shines out. :) I love it.

I did the same at waist hem just for fun. Because I like the way men trousers look like. They always have something like that on waist hem.

I also used some ribbon leftovers. It was coincidentaly green :). I used it to hem pockets and to make belt loops.

So all in all it was quite a lot of work. But it was worth it. They look great. Using contrastnig color was a great idea (sometimes I get those too).

Pattern was again from Burda modemagazin. Although I changed it totaly. I only used it for basic.

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Randi Troxell said...

holy crap... i wish i were only half as talented as you. you are really awesome. i never had the mind set to do this but hey... you got something! check out my blog at rltroxell.blogspot.com thanks- randi