A new beginning

Until now I was writting about my old project. Now it`s time for a fresh start. :) I went to the "big city" few days ago. I had some free time and I wanted to buy some fabrics at a store that I didn`t go to for a long time. I had a bit of a shock. They shut it down a while ago. :(

This was it. It does look very old and I guess it was time that they shut it down.
Luckily I discovered a great new fabric store. I`m sure I`m gonna visit it every time I`m gonna go to Ljubljana if I will only have time. I bought some fabric. It was hard to decide. At the end I tryed hard and I only bought four different fabrics (well five, but one was for my sister). :)
So right now I have quite a stock at home. I have this pile of fabrics. Plus all the leftovers that aren`t really small. :) I have to do one more thing for my study and then I`m gonna be sewing for at least two weeks. :) He he I`m doing plans already... that green material with hearts will be a skirt. Both red materials will be skirts. One shirt, one dress and maybe a blazer or two. WAHOOO!!

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