Well, because this is a blog about things I like to do it`s probably good if I show you some of my finished projects. I`m gonna be talking mostly about sewing. That is my pasion. My way of relaxing (although it can make me very nervous sometimes :). When nothing goes right.).

This is few of my old sewing projects. They are so old I don`t even remember wich pattern I was using. Or they were so improvised that there was no pattern at all.

First is my three color skirt. Very light summer cotton.

Second is my striped blue A-shaped skirt. Again very light cotton. It was made in 30 minutes. I think that putting zipper in took me about 20 minutes. :) I hate doing that. Zippers and button holes. Aarrgggghh ... I always ask my mum to do button holes. :)
Anyway, this material was so transparent I had to put double layer of it. We don`t want people to see too much do we ... :)

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