Black velvet

Well, back in black ... :) I made this last winter I think. I like to wear skirts in winter. They go so well with boots. I saw this black velvet material with white flower print on it in local fabrics store and I had to buy it.

I used pattern from burda modemagazin . We have like a milion of those at home. It`s great. Whenever you feel like sewing you just look through them and you surely find something you would like to have. :) Unfortunatly it`s only in german language ... so when it comes to instructions I improvise. :)

So, I was looking through Burda modemagazin October 2002 and I found my skirt. Quite an easy pattern.

I made no belt. Instead of that I used black ribbon. And I used it to finish the bottom line too.

I made this skirt a size too big. (Or maybe - hopefully - I lost weight :)) But I can still wear it because I can put a belt on it.

And that is it. Another skirt in my closet. :)

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